About Us

What is Authentic Entertainment?

Authentic Entertainment  is an organization of writers, artists, and editors dedicated to working together to create quality creator-controlled entertainment in the forms of both digital and print novels, comics, audio productions, and whatever else strikes our fancy.



J.R. Broadwater, Writer

J.R. Broadwater (Randy to his friends and family) is a freelance writer from Memphis, TN. His published works include the non-fiction semi-autobiography Down With the Thickness: Viewing the World From a Fat Guy’s Perspective, the pulp sci-fi novel You Only Die Twice, the urban fantasy novel The Chosen: Rebirthing and the superhero fantasy novel Just Super- all of which are available in paperback and for Kindle.

J.R. is available for freelance work and can be reached at authenticwriters@gmail.com.

You can also follow J.R. on Twitter: @Chosenwriter & Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/authenticentertainment

Shawn Skvarna, Illustrator

Shawn Skvarna is a Graphic/Production Director for Benchmark Group Media, which publishes the Harrisburg Magazine. In what little free time he has, Shawn designs awesome covers for fat friends that are too poor to pay him, and aspires to do the art chores on comics with that same fat friend who will still be too poor to pay him. If you’re not too poor to pay him, Shawn is open to being commissioned for art projects, because he is an awesome artist and would like to be able to feed his wife and baby girl.

For commissions contact Shawn Skvarna at shawnskvarna@gmail.co


Mark Ruelius, Writer

Mark Ruelius was our best friend and co-writer for over ten years. He passed away on January 7, 2010 due to complications with diabetes. Though he is no longer with us physically, he will live on in the hearts and minds of those that knew him and in the various worlds and characters that he has helped to create. His works include co-writing The Chosen Rebirthing, and helping to develop concepts for You Only Die Twice, and The Thick Man (Coming Soon)