Don’t Be a Foo!

Mark works for UPS as a part time supervisor and it’s a really hectic job. They’ve got about 50 different things they’re supposed to be juggling at any given time, and if they mess any of it up it could potentially mean disaster for the entire sort. What we both found funny is out of all the chaos that’s going on around him that he’s trying to manage, the higher up’s seem to be more concerned about which bathrooms employees are using and how much time they’re taking than they are about the important things- like making sure packages are getting where they’re supposed to go. So in addition to being a supervisor, he’s apparently supposed to be the BM Police as well. So, that reminded us of those old commercials Mr. T used to do back in the 80’s when the A Team (He played B.A. Baracus) was really popular, where he’d tell kids “Don’t be a foo, say no to drugs!” So we took it one step further. B.M. Baracus says “Don’t be a foo, dookie off da clock!”

I told Mark the next time his manager is wasting his time about this kind of stupid crap when he’s more worried about important things, he should respond the way Mr. T did in the WoW commercial. “Maybe the man had Taco Bell fo lunch. Maybe B.M. has more productive things to do than to monitor the dookie making habits of other grown adults. You ever think of that Mr. Condescending Manager?”

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