Back in Black

Well, it’s been a long while but I’m back and this will be my official site…until I hit it big and can afford to have someone do it for me. You can get here by my spiffy new domain name: I know, impressive. I’ve got a lot going on right now, writing wise. The first of the Clay Colt novels is finished and will be available for digital purchase hopefully by the end of July. Clay Colt is a throwback to the pulp novels of the 50’s, with the wise-assed detective and his beautiful but dangerous partner. My favorite book series is the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, so I wanted to do something along those lines. Mr. Butcher beat me to the magic wielding detective (and I’m glad, because I could never do it as well as he does!) but as much as I love urban fantasy I thought it would be fun to do “urban sci-fi”. So that’s what Clay Colt is. They’re meant to be popcorn novels- short, fun, entertaining, and cheap. Cheap in how much it’ll cost you, not cheap in quality (I hope). All of the Clay Colt novels will be available through Amazon for $0.99, and my goal is to have a new one available for you every few months. Keep checking back here on a regular basis, because I’ll be updating with looks at the cover creation, the process behind digital publishing, etc. Also, keep an eye on my other blog, Down with the Thickness. I’ve had a lot of people ask me about it, and I haven’t really posted anything since Mark died, but I plan on picking back up with that again as well. So welcome back to Authentic Entertainment! i’ll be doing some housecleaning soon, so keep checking back.

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