Update: I Suck At This and Other Sucky Things

You’d think for someone who has no other job but to write and update this place I’d be better about updating this place. You’d think that…and you’d be wrong. Anyway, Down with the Thickness has been edited and Shawn is almost done with a groovy cover, so that should hit digital Kindle bookshelves in the next couple of weeks. On a sad note apparently in the last few years someone has taken the Authentic Entertainment title and actually been successful with it. Authentic Entertainment LLC, Inc. and whatever else they throw behind it produces reality TV shite like Ace of Cakes and Auction Kings…basically Bravo stuff. While Mark and I started using AE over a decade ago, it’s not worth the hassle of continuing to use it then have some mega corp come a suing, so we’re going to go with an alternate name for our little “production company”. Pudding! Productions. The icon will be hilarious, and fans of Supernatural (the awesome TV show you should be watching if you haven’t. It’s on Netflex. Go watch. I’ll wait.) should automatically get the reference when you see it. We’ll have that stuff for you soon.

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