Publishing Update

You Only Die Twice has been edited and is ready for publishing as soon as the cover is finished. The goal is to have both the digital and paperback versions available by October 1st. The Chosen Chronicles: Rebirthing, a project 10 years in the making, is finally at the finish line as well. The book was so long we had to break it up into three parts to keep costs down (and to make sure the paperback version wouldn’t fall apart in your hands.) The goal is to have part one out before Thanksgiving.

For those of you new to these parts, Chosen has been a project that Mark Ruelius and I started writing almost a decade ago. Unfortunately Mark lost his fight with diabetes and died at the age of 25 on January 7, 2010- two weeks before the final draft was complete. I struggled with the decision on how to move forward with it for a few years. Chosen is a difficult story to market. It doesn’t fall neatly into any one genre. The best way Mark and I knew to describe it is if Star Wars and Hellblazer had a baby, Chosen would be it.

It’s the story of the war between Heaven and Hell, and the balance of power on Earth that has to be maintained in order to prevent Armageddon from happening before it’s supposed to. The Chosen are a group of humans who were specifically designed by God to help maintain this balance, with the help of an intelligence network called the Faithful. The Chosen and Faithful have been working together since the Dark Ages, helping to keep the forces of Hell in check. At the beginning of Rebirthing the Chosen have been in disarray for a decade, and the forces of Hell have discovered something that, if they succeed in their plot, could tip the balance in their favor. Jude, the absentee leader of the Chosen, is tasked with protecting and training his replacement, reuniting the Chosen, and stopping this new threat if the forces of Heaven, and all of humanity, have any hope of surviving.

We thought about taking the traditional publishing rout with Chosen, but after Mark died I decided that self publishing would be the best way to go. I wanted to preserve the work Mark put into the book as much as possible, and that meant having complete control in how the final draft turned out without any outside influence from editors or publishers. Hopefully you will all enjoy the result.

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