Just Super Now Available! *Updated*


My latest novel, Just Super, is now available in all Kindle formats. The paperback version should be available within the next few days. I’ll post an update once it is. Please check it out!
*Update* The paperback version is now available.

Description: There is something very different and very special about Keith Green- he has “super powers.” Keith Green also has only six months to live because those powers are slowly killing him. This is the story that reporter Sam Daylin is hired to chronicle, as Keith spends the last six months of his life trying to use his powers to help people and change the world as the its first “superhero”. However, the more that  his illness begins to affect him, the more erratic Keith begins to act. The world’s first superhero could become the world’s greatest threat, and Sam Daylin may be the only person who is in a position to stop him.

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