Thank You

I just want to thank everyone who purchased a copy of my book the last few days. I really appreciate your support. I have an even bigger thank you for those of you who have helped to promote, re-tweet, and link on Facebook. This thing is getting around by word of mouth more than anything and I really appreciate you taking the time to do so. On that note, if you’ve finished reading the book and have a few minutes, please stop by the Amazon page for the book and write up a short review. The more reviews and ratings I have, the better the chance someone might stumble on it. I’m honestly not too concerned about making money off of it (it’s one of the reasons it’s priced at $0.99, the lowest Amazon will allow), I’d just really like for people to see it as I think it might be able to help those who struggle with a lot of the issues I have my whole life. To that end, if you have purchased a copy, I enabled “lending”, so you are able to lend your copy to a friend that has a Kindle. I’m not sure how that process works exactly, but it’s an option.

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