Paperback Release of Down With the Thickness and Other News

Hello folks!
I’ve had a few requests from people to release a “hard” copy of the book as opposed to digital, so me and my team are working hard to comply. We’re hoping to have a paperback version of the release ready to order in the next few days. I’ll be sure to post here as soon as it’s available. We’ll also plan on having both a paperback and digital version of our books from now on. The digital copy will always be cheaper, because I think it’s silly to pay the same price for a file as you do something that you hold in your hands and have to wait to receive. I also promise I’ll do my best to keep the prices of these paperback versions of the books as affordable as possible. We’re shooting to release You Only Die Twice, our first fiction novel, sometime next month. You can check out a short blurb about that under our “books” page. I’ll have a sample chapter available for you to check out next week. I really appreciate all of the support everyone has shown. Please continue to spread the word, and don’t forget to head over to the Amazon page and write a review when you get a chance.

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