October Update

Shawn is hard at work on the cover for our first Clay Colt novel You Only Die Twice. I’ve seen the rough drafts and they are looking great. I can’t wait to see the final product. Our goal is to have the book ready for purchase next week both in digital and paperback. We do hope you’ll pick up a copy and check it out. The digital copy will be set for $2.99. We’re not entirely sure on the paperback price yet as we can’t get a quote until everything is finished. It’s determined on the price of production, which itself is determined by how long the book is, and I can’t get that quote until the cover is done and submitted. So yeah, there’s that fun little look into our process. I will tell you that I will keep it as close to the $5.50 price point (the same we charged for the last book) as I can. The digital price will always be cheaper simply because I find it ridiculous to charge you full retail price for something  that you can’t physically hold in your hands and I wish more authors and publishers would do the same. *cough*DC & Marvel*cough*

Following Colt comes the first Part of The Chosen Chronicles: Rebirthing, hopefully before Thanksgiving. This is a special book for us for many reasons, the largest of which because it was the first and only book co-written by our best friend Mark Ruelius before he died. Mark and I worked on Chosen for close to a decade, and he passed literally weeks before the final draft was finished. “Why did it take you so long?” you may ask. Well, first because when we started I was in college and Mark was still in High School. Second, because I lived in Tennessee and Mark lived in PA. Third, because the entire book was written through e-mail, instant messaging, texts, and phone calls. Yes, that’s correct, Mark and I never met in person, to my lasting regret. We were planning on getting together just before he died. Fourth, because we mapped out not just the storyline for one book, but for an entire universe which consisted of three full novels, several short stories, and a potential comic series- all of which you’ll, hopefully, be seeing in the upcoming few years. Rebirthing will be broken up into three parts because the final draft of the novel, in print, is over 600 pages long. Breaking it up makes it more cost effective, so we can sell it at an affordable price. Who want’s to pay $20 for a paperback? The goal is to release part 1 before Thanksgiving, followed by parts 2 and 3 by Christmas and New Year, respectively.

Early next year we hope to release Just Super, a novel about a young man who discovers that he has super powers but that they’re slowly killing him. He decides to hire a journalist to document his final 6 months as he tries to be the world’s first superhero and help people before he dies. I’m finishing up the last few chapters now.

We’re also hoping that we’ll have our first comic available sometime next year. It’ll be set in the same universe as The Chosen Chronicles and it’s a story Shawn and I are really excited about. I’ll talk more about that when we have some stuff we can show you.

Well, I’ve ranted long enough. Please keep your eye out for the release of You Only Die Twice this week, and as always feedback is most appreciated.

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