You Only Die Twice is now Available on Amazon

The digital version of my first fiction novel, You Only Die Twice, is now available on Amazon. The paperback should be available later this week. Here’s the description:

Clay Colt and his partner Evelyn Wood are private investigators that sometimes have to do less-than-legal things to make ends meet. All that changes the day they see Clay’s dead Kharta’an friend tearing apart downtown Buenos Aries on the news. That dead friend was the son of the Executor of the Kharta’an Empire, and to the Kharta’an desecration of the dead is considered an act of war. Someone is using technology to reanimate the dead and Clay, as the the Kharta’an’s chosen agent, has just 48 hours to uncover the truth and find those responsible in order to prevent an intergalactic war where Earth will be ground zero.

“With Mark Ruelius”

Mark and I were co-writers and best friends for over a decade before he was taken from us way too soon due to complications with diabetes. When we first started writing I was a freshman in college and Mark was still in high school. Our first novel was going to be a huge sci-fi epic. We mapped out all these alien races, governments, space travel ideas, and other fun concepts…all of which we abandoned a year later when we realized just how amateur the story was. It was a learning experience, and a valuable one, and it helped us to make our first professional novel, The Chosen Chronicles: Rebirthing, what it is. When I started working on this novel I decided that it was a real shame to let all the hard work that we did go to waste. Why make up an entirely new universe when I already had one mapped out? Mark agreed and gave me his blessing. So, in the novel you’re about to read the ITC, every alien race, and even the names of the hero and some of the supporting cast were all products of Mark and I sitting up until 5 A.M. bouncing ideas off of each other. I felt it would be criminal if I didn’t honor Mark for the contributions he made, since without him this novel would have been a very different animal. So Shawn and I thought adding a “with” credit on the cover was a fitting tribute for a man who inspired not only this novel, but every project we’re working on in some way.

So please, check out the novel. It’s only $2.99. Let me know what you think.

Click here to check out the first chapter.

Click here for the digital copy.

Paperback edition coming soon.

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