What a Day…


*sigh* What a day. The good news is Chosen should be finally available tomorrow in both digital and paperback formats. The bad news is some hack already used our series title (and I didn’t have that as the title when we copyrighted) so I had to change it. So now the series is called The Chronicles of Enoch and this first book is The Chosen: Rebirthing Part 1. It clocked in at 374 pages long and we included an exclusive bonus short story for both formats. Had I not divided the book into two parts the final draft would have been close to 800 pages long and cost the price of a black market kidney to print. I’ve talked before about how important this book is to me, so I won’t go into that all again, but needless to say it would mean a great deal to me if all of you could please not only pick up a copy in the format of your choice, but that you would also help to promote it and get the word out. reading over it again as I went over the final edits last night I was once again struck buy just how ridiculously brilliant a writer Mark was. He was just extremely talented, and the last 4 chapters of this book is pretty much all him. This was the only book he got to actually finish. Sure, we had a ton of stuff where his fingerprints are all over it, but this was the only project with his actual writing, and as such it means the world to me that as many people as possible get a chance to experience just how incredible this young man really was. So please, pick up a copy, tell your friends, and get the word out. If not for me, please do it for Mark.

The paperback version will be priced at $9.99 and includes a bonus short story which sheds a lot of light on Jude and his background. The digital copy is priced at $2.99 and likewise includes the short. Both should be available tomorrow. I’ll post again once they’re confirmed as available in the stores. I really hope you all enjoy it. It’s been a passion project a decade in the making, and it is, by far, the best thing either of us have written.

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